Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Photography Fieldtrip

This morning I headed out to take pictures. I was supposed to go on Saturday with my sister, but we were rained out. I needed to scope out some areas for an engagement shoot this weekend and decided to get some practice as well. Ryan was wonderful and took a few hours off work this morning so I could go. I left at 6:30. When I got home at 10:00 he had Miss A in bed, Miss C in quiet time, Little D was calm in the swing and the dishwasher was unloaded. What a great dad! I had a wonderful time and learned a ton. I always learn from my mistakes while I'm out shooting. I really wanted to get some practice after taking a photography class a few weeks ago. It motivated me to become a better photographer. I chose Temple Square this morning because I had some good subjects to shoot. I also wanted to try recreating some of the photos our class instructor has shot. I find for me it's much easier to learn when I first try to recreate something someone else has done. Then I feel more capable to try my own stuff.

All the kiddos have been cooperative around here this afternoon, and I have had the past hour to sort my photos and play with them in Photoshop. I also tried out a few Photoshop techniques we discussed in my class that I haven't really used before. Here are my favorites.